Athlete's Foot

  • Athletes who started sports at a young age, and DNA from someone who had originally played in sports(OG in gangs). They are illuminates.
  • Treatment
  *Athletes foot involves Multiple Sclerosis, ADHD, Trichotillomia(unsure), Bipolar, Sweat glands, ADD, Schizophrenia, Brain Tumor, Multiple Personality, Seasonal Affective disorder, Autism, OCD(Obsession Complusive Disorder), Parkinson's disease, Astral projectory, Epilepsy, and Eczema.


  • Once you join sports(Athletes), your body learns to crave for the sport you love. The body hurts mostly legs because the body isn't working on that particular sport area, such as court, feild, rink or etc; for amounts of time, it gets MS trying to save your memory. Athletes are expected, but hopefully not to get Parkinson's disease, when they get elderly stage of their life. Eczema is on the hands, but Athlete's foot is on the feet. ADHD(Attention-deficit/hyperactive disorder), MS mostly hits athletes.

Different types

  • Multiple Personality disorder
 *Parkinson's disease, the body isn't functioning well, or not at all. For ex: no movement in the person 
 *Autism, when you haven't played/practiced, or if played too much without rest in a while, you may get seasonal affective disorder.
  • Post Stramatic Stress Disorder is Multiple Personality Disorder.

Rare type

  • Parkinson's disease causes the body from Astral projectory; to be passed on, if you playing(start)sports at a young age, and Schizophrenia helps you know more than expected.
  • Parkinson's disease causes the body at a young age to have seasonal affective disorder.
  • Multiple Sclerosis(MS), causes you found from in your Illuminate DNA from an original Illuminate, such as other unknown family members.
 *It can change brain tumor, personality DNA
*Bad types, and unknown if right, Kayla Montgomery's MS - feet pain, Epilepsy, and Astral caused her to be paralyzed from movement. The body doesn't want to feel to move in Astral.
  • Affect

An original Illuminate, can bully another illuminate. Illuminate depending on the person's strength through MS, if don't understand, can bully someone else who didn't have a Quincenera to be an illuminate too. If you bully through MS - pain you get into Astral projectory to remove a brain tumor. If being removed, the hair ripped out, the dreadlocks can cause trichotillomia unable to breathe. Dislikes, illuminates who didn't play multi-sports. Can bully a lot of memory if got drunk, slept around a lot. Its patterns, if not fit from early youth can bully another illuminate, personality.

  • Symptoms

As Athlete's foot, you get pain in your feet. In Illuminate DNA, causes the person to have ADHD because so much knowledge, such as Matilda Wormwood from Matilda(1996). Illuminates are rare. People think illuminates are dumb, but aren't. An illuminate

  * In Illuminate DNA, the person may feel abandonment trying to find out their elementary history, or not feel alone, so they go into Obsession Compulsive disorder because the person can't find out why people dislike them because they are pretty. Coughing of Seasonal Affective disorder.


  • Dreadlocks can cause epilepsy for Trichotillomia in the brain tumor. If bullied by others, may give snarls, which from the sweat glands to hurt more, can cause pain and also doesn't hurt the person. The way you see yourself depends on if Trichotillomia hurts/bulls memory.
  • Other illuminates

Illuminate means because of a sport your memory of that sport gets forgotten/gets remembered. Arianna Portillos(Sierra High School), And Kayla Montgomery, lost her memory of before sophomore year, Maria Duran, Yareli Duran, Danae Wilson, Navaea Wilson(accident),and also Heather Wilder.

  • If not careful(Other races)
  • Kayla Montgomery, was given the Seasonal Affective disorder, which removed her from Soccer to track. Kayla is white, so was given a rare type. Montgomery(Kayla), whiplashed Kayla's memory of ever playing Soccer.
*Danae Wilson came bisexual from homosexual in the brain. Changed her sexuality. Changed by accidently had a brain tumor, which gave her Seasonal Affective disorder, which had whiplashed, by accidentally from Soccer to Basketball. Danae Wilson, and Navaeh Wilson like Danae Wilson's change of personality.

History Illuminates were created by the Mayans Civilizations back in the 1700s, for healing. For black-mexicans too.

*Recommend multi-sport athletes who are mexican, and also tomboys.

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